Welcome to Healing Light Doula Services!!

This website is here to help you on your journey to familyhood. There are resources here to help educate you on the fantastic, exciting, and kinda scary trip that is pregnancy and parenthood. Don’t fret! My job is to help you feel more relaxed and empowered about all aspects of this experience. My name is Amanda Gentry and I am a birth doula. I’ve searched my whole life looking for my purpose and found it, in aiding women during a most intense, powerful, and enlightening right of passage.

Sometimes pregnancy sneaks up on you, and what a surprise! Other times women prepare for it in advance of becoming pregnant. Either way this website is here to help you on that path. Perhaps you are just curious about what a doula is and found yourself on this page. There is a growing community of birth professionals who follow the midwifery model of care, which treats pregnancy as a natural life process, not a medical condition. Doula’s are just one aspect of that community and it is the goal of every Doula to guard the mother’s memory of her birth and to help make it the most positive and loving experience possible.

How does a Doula do that? Doula’s are trained professionals who constantly learn techniques for helping women to cope with the rigors of pregnancy and birth, including and not limited to emotional, physical or informational needs. I am committed to helping women have the best birth experience possible and to work as a partner with the mother’s significant other or support person to help the woman through this process with my knowledge, experience and confidence. I will work with you through each stage of birth, and face the challenges of each rush (I don’t like the word contraction) by encouraging you, using ancient tricks of the trade, and information. Communication is another tool used by doula’s to help facilitate the mothers comfort and ease during this time.

Most, if not all, women form their idea of birth before they even become pregnant. ow they expect the labor and birth to go. In the medical culture, it seems women are often rushed through the “trauma” of birth. It is my goal to help women realize that birth doesn’t have to be rushed or technical, it can be intense, wonderful and even orgasmic! In the event that you prefer a hospital birth I will be right there to help you along as well. Hospitals are beginning to see the benefit of Doula’s in attendance, they have started providing birth balls and allowing skin to skin contact right after the birth if there are no medical reasons to prevent it. Doulas can work seamlessly with the L&D staff to help give the mother the best birth experience possible! At home, in a hospital or at a birth center, my only goal is to help you have the best birth experience!

I would love to hear from you please call me at 425. 220.7756 or email me at info@healinglightdoula.org